Welcome to Golden Life Management Pvt Ltd.

GLM is a Group of Company Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat since 2001. we are working in 3 sectors:

  • FOOD

GLM came up in education sector with Admission Guidance, Counselling, Career Counselling, Education Opportunities, Admission in India and Abroad.

Then flourished ahead with Schools:

  • GLM International School,
  • Kids Express Preschool.

Further going ahead with home services. GLM launched

  • GLM Home Tutors- where in it provides tutors at your door step.
  • GLM Caretakers, Nurses, Physiotherapist, Baby caretakers, etc... at your door step.

Successfully completing this step it launched ahead Slimming Centre- GLM Health Care.

GLM Group flourished in all fields.

It launched its food sector market- Brews & Grill Cafe.

GLM is a brand where people come for One Step Solution. It provides other services as teachers training, life skills training, corporate training, parentens sessions, mind power workshops, etc... and many more.

In future we are coming up with a franchisee model of school and food industries.